NEETA SONI, MD is board certified in Medical Oncology and has completed extensive training at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, N.Y.

She has more than 20 years experience in cancer care. Her training includes a clinical fellowship in Medical Oncology with additional emphasis on breast and gastrointestinal malignancies. Her expertise and connection with Roswell Park Cancer Institute are very beneficial for the treatment of cancer patients in this area.

In 1996, Dr. Soni was honored with the American Society of Clinical Oncology Merit Award for research in the area of new drug development.

Dr. Soni established the Oncology program at Bradford Regional Medical Center and served as the first Medical Director from 1996 to 2003.






To provide excellent, up to date and compassionate care to patients with cancer and related blood disorders.



July 2003 to Present:

Medical Director, Southern Tier Cancer Care


July 1996 to June 2003:

Medical Director Oncology Services, Bradford Regional Medical Center


January 1987 to June 1988

Research Affiliate, Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Worked with cell cycle kinetics and DNA damage and repair of myeloid leukemias.




March 2008 to Present:

Chair, Cancer Committee, Olean General Hospital


May 2008 to Present:

Steering Committee, Western New York Cancer Coalition


June 2012 to Present:

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine,

School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, SUNY, Buffalo


July 2009 to Present:

Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine / Oncology,

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine


January to December 1999:

President, Mckean County Medical Society


November 1997 to 2003:

Chairperson, Institutional Review Board, Bradford Regional Medical Center


July 1998 to June 1999, July 2000 to June 2001:

Chairperson, Infectious Disease Committee, Bradford Regional Medical Center


July 1996 to June 1998:

Member, Infectious Disease Committee, Bradford Regional Medical Center


July 1996 to June 1998:

Member, Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, Bradford Regional Medical Center


July 1998 to June 2000:

Member, Tissue and Transfusion Committee, Bradford Regional Medical Center


November 1996 to December 1998:

Chairperson, Tumor Board, Bradford Regional Medical Center


July 2004 to 2013:

Member, Tissue and Transfusion Committee, Olean General Hospital



March 2003 to Present:

Active Staff, Olean General Hospital, 515 Main Street, Olean, NY 14760


July 1996 to February Present:

Courtesy Staff, Bradford Regional Medical Center, 116 Interstate Parkway, Bradford, PA 16701



July 1991 to June 1992 and August 1994 to June 1996:

Fellowship in Medical Oncology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Elm & Carlton Streets, Buffalo, NY 14263.

Trained under the guidance of Dr. Clara Bloomfield. Was also involved in clinical research with special interest in breast and gastrointestinal malignancies. Also handled administrative responsibilities as the Senior Fellow.


June 1988 to June 1991:

Residency in Internal Medicine, Millard Fillmore Hospitals, 3 Gates Circle, Buffalo, NY 14209.



January 1987 to June 1988:

Masters in Science, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, SUNY at Buffalo, NY.


June 1981 to November 1986:

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Medical College, 1 Sassoon Rd, Pune 41001, India



2007 to Present: America’s Top Oncologists (Consumers’ Research Council of America)

1996: American Society Clinical Oncolgy Merit Award.




November 1995 to 2025: Medical Oncology, American Board of Internal Medicine, Subspeciality certification in Medical Oncology

September 1991 to 11/2001: Diplomat in Internal Medicine



American Society of Clinical Oncology

American Society of Hematology

American Medical Association

New York State Medical Society

American Cancer Society



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