Healthcare is a Partnership Between
Patients and Caregivers


Patient Safety is a Top Priority at Southern Tier Cancer Care


Speak up and don’t be afraid to tell your nurse or doctor if you think you are about to receive the wrong medicine, test, or procedure.


Participate in making decisions regarding your health care. Feel free to ask questions.


Encourage hand cleaning and don’t be afraid to gently remind a caregiver to clean their hands before providing care. Hand washing or cleaning hands with a waterless cleansing solution is the most important way to prevent the spread of infection.


Always tell your doctor or nurse of any past allergies or reactions to medicines; especially when you are about to start taking a new medicine.


Keep checking that your caregivers confirm your identity; that is ask your name before administering any medication or treatment.


Understand your medications including purpose, brand name, generic name, side effects and precautions.


Pay attention to the follow-up care that will be described to you before you leave STCC. Ask questions and make sure you understand all of the instructions.