My First Visit

Welcome!  We are pleased you have chosen Southern Tier Cancer Care and Dr. Neeta Soni for your care. We realize that you are apprehensive and fearful. By providing professional assistance through education, the newest treatments available and most importantly, compassionate care, we are dedicated to guiding patients to hope, help, and healing. It is common to feel anxious about your first visit; we encourage you to bring a family member or friend with you. Our care team at STCC will do everything we can to make you comfortable, and we will spend time thoroughly explaining your diagnosis and treatment options. We will also answer any questions you may have completely and honestly, and offer a variety of educational resources and support services designed to help you better understand and cope with your disease. When you arrive, you will find convenient parking and easy access into our center. If you need assistance, such as a wheel chair, please let us know.



We ask that you arrive 45 minutes prior to your appointment. If you have completed the initial paperwork, you may come in only 20 minutes prior to your appointment time. Once you have completed your initial paperwork, you will meet with a nurse and she will review your history in detail with you. You will then meet with Dr. Soni for review of information and physical exam.  You and your family members will then meet with Dr. Soni for a consultation.  A nurse will be available to discuss resources and offer supportive care. You may also need additional testing such as blood work or x-rays which may take additional time.  You should plan on being here for 2-3 hours.


During your first visit, you will be asked to complete several forms, including:


To save time, you may print the forms off of our Web site, complete and bring them with you. If you are unable to print and complete the forms prior to your arrival, please arrive at least 45 minutes before your appointment to do so.



Our Office Manager will meet with you to review your insurance information and discuss what your insurance will or will not cover. Then, we will file claims for all office visits and in-office procedures on your behalf and send monthly statements to keep you informed.

If you do not have insurance or full coverage, our office will work with you to set up a payment schedule and give you information about organizations that offer assistance. Please let your physician know of your situation so that he or she might be able to obtain help with the cost of the medications needed to treat you. Our billing department will file your insurance claims. If your insurance plan requires a referral, you will be responsible for obtaining one before we can provide your medical services.


As participating providers, we are contractually obligated to collect co-pays at the time of service. At times there may be treatment opportunities available that are not covered by your insurance provider. Our PBRs will assist you with gathering information. You will need to discuss these options with their insurance provider.


We welcome you to contact our Billing Office with any insurance-related questions.


Medical Records

Please arrange to have your previous test results and reports provided to us from the physician who referred you to our office. These may include x-ray, CT, or other diagnostic films and related reports or pathology reports.


Medications & Scans





You may find it helpful to bring a list of questions with you. We will be happy to answer all your questions. View Frequently Asked Questions