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We realize that you are apprehensive and fearful. By providing professional assistance through education, the latest approved treatments available and most importantly, compassionate care, we are dedicated to guiding patients to hope, help, and healing.

Southern Tier Cancer Care Team is Committed to
Excellence in Providing Comprehensive, Up to date,
Compassionate and Quality care for Cancer Patients.


Please proceed immediately to the nearest emergency room for any medical emergencies especially fever greater than or equal to 100.4 while on chemotherapy.If you need to reach Dr Soni immediately for problems related to cancer or chemotherapy,

Please call the answering service at (716) 559 1105.

Please call your primary physician or emergency room at Olean General Hospital at (716) 375 4149 for any urgent concerns after office hours or if Dr Soni is away.



News & Updates

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NCI News

Study finds premature death rates diverge in the United States by race and ethnicity

Premature death rates declined among Hispanics, blacks, and Asian/Pacific Islanders due mainly to fewer deaths from cancer, heart disease, and HIV. Rising deaths from accidents, drug overdoses, suicide and liver disease increased rates among whites and American Indian/Alaska Natives.

January 25, 2017
Physical Activity and Cancer

A fact sheet that summarizes evidence linking exercise and other physical activity, including work and household chores, to reduced cancer risks.

February 3, 2017
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ACE News

People with Cancer History More Likely to Change Prescriptions to Save Money

Non-elderly, those enrolled in high-deductible plans more likely to seek cheaper medication

February 20, 2017
Cancer Survivors: A Growing Population

New report by the American Cancer Society projects 20 million cancer survivors in the U.S. by 2026

June 2, 2016
Public Health Landmark Achieved as 80% by 2018 Colorectal Cancer Screening Campaign Reaches 1,000th Pledge

Nationwide Effort Could Prevent 277,000 Colorectal Cancer Cases and 203,000 Deaths by 2030

July 11, 2016
Lung Cancer Screening Rates Remain Very Low among Current and Former Smokers

Only 262,700 of 6.8 million eligible for screening received it in 2015

February 2, 2017